Victorian Era Clothing for Men Always Wears Suits

adminSeptember 2, 2014
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Fashion style is the most interesting thing to talk about, even if you meet a fashion expert, you will never be time enough to talk about it. A fashion expert not only understands how to dress good, but also has to understand the history of the clothing he was wearing. Call it the Victorian era […]

Renaissance Clothing for Men Was To Show His Class

adminSeptember 1, 2014
renaissance shirts for men
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Years 1500 to 1550 is one of a very historic periods; this is because during this period happens important events. Those who know the history will certainly understand about what happened during those 50 years. However, we will discuss this time will be narrowed, limited style of men’s dress, in the period. In Europe, during […]

1920s Mens Clothing Become Popular

adminAugust 31, 2014
1920 s suits
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Dressing style can be regarded as an ever-spinning wheel, fashion style is currently very popular soon abandoned their followers. This phenomenon is already very reasonable, when people are getting bored with the things they will be replaced with something else. Exactly the same happened to the dress style, you will find a unique phenomenon where […]

Tactical Clothing for Men Makes a Man Appear Masculine

adminAugust 30, 2014
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Clothing is something that is used to cover the human body that protects it from possible scratches or minor collisions. Other than that, there is also a kind of special clothing that is used when a person traveling or doing something. For example, tactical clothing for men is usually used by a soldier who will […]